An enthusiastic audience makes a performance fun!

MC distributes thousands of flyers and postcards across the city, has an active social media campaign, and offers a searchable map/schedule but we have over 200 events to promote in only one day! Help the effort by spreading the word about your performance(s).

Social Media

•  Tag #makemusicchicago on all platforms.
•  Tag @makemusicchicago on Facebook and @makemusicchi on Instagram and Twitter.
•  Keep text brief.
•  Always include a visual (videos are best).
•  For budding smartphone photographers, horizontal shots look best!
•  Post small and post often to keep audiences engaged. 


•  Download posters from our website and post them around your area and the area of your venue.
•  Try local cafes, community centers, music schools, senior centers and local businesses.
•  Always ask permission before placing a poster.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!

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