Print your own Make Music Chicago poster!

Print one of our pre-made posters, or make your own using the fillable template!
Then let people know about your performance or venue by posting it all around the city!
Just be sure to ask permission before posting in a public place.

Fillable Poster*

*Make your own poster!
Enter the name of your venue and the time(s) and name(s) of your performers to promote any Make Music Chicago performance!

8.5×11 Poster

11×17 Poster*

*Be sure to print on 11″x17″ paper!

Play- and Sing-Along Flyers



Rise & Shine Orchestra

Harmonica Blowout

Fiddle Tunes Jam

Suzuki Play-Along

Ukulele Jam

+9V Jam

Ursa’s Majors and Minors Play- and Sing-Along

Rhythm Revolution Drum Circle